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The world is filled with complex problems and human finds different ways to mitigate the problems and thrives humanity to make the world a better place for the next generations. We have seen that in the past from creating a wheel that moves heavy loads to place a first human footprint on the Moon. Humans are tool builders, we build tools that can dramatically amplify our innate human abilities.

Some tools help us in reducing the human burden and some of them are created to reduce cognitive distortions. In all ways tools enhance…

Origin of the idea

As an innovator, Karthik was always curious and passionate about creative ideas and enjoys building stuff which helps people to make their life better. Quitting his engineering degree midway was the first of many bold decisions Karthik took in his journey.

He started developing social projects from his college days. When he was in his third year of engineering he developed a prototype to recover a child from abounded borewells, which was a major problem spoken by the people all over in Tamilnadu back then in 2019, and his solution was recognized by the Coimbatore collector.

In June 2020 COVID-19…


A passionate, curious professional of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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