How to Learn a New Topic?

The Feynman Learning Technique

Whenever a person learns a new topic or a concept for the first time often have an opinion that they understood it from the ground up. The real challenge comes when someone asks to explain it to others in simple terms.

Most of the time the person find it difficult and often uses complex jargon in their explanations as cover-ups. This occurs due to the lack of understanding in-depth.

The more we understand something; our brain forms a deep-seated logical connection that can be attacked or defended from any angle and becomes easy to explain.

The world-renowned physicist Richard Feynman has followed four simple steps to learn a new topic or a complex idea. Now it’s famously called Feynman learning Technique.

1. Take a sheet of paper. Choose a topic you want to learn. Write down everything that you already know about that topic.

2. Try to explain it to a 12-year-old kid with the sheet as your reference and remove jargon or complexity while explaining.

3. Observe the grey areas in your explanation, review the parts you don’t understand.

4. Pick a material, book, or blog that helps you fill your knowledge gap. (Repeat & Reflect)

Anyone can make a subject complicated but only someone who understands can make it simple.

Simple is Beautiful.

Here is how Albert einstein talks about five ascending levels of cognitive prowess.

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